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or:  SylMason@windstream.net  (See link on the side of the page.)

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This is our small effort to reach out to the community in which we live and be available to help in practical areas.

This page is especially for those living within 60 miles of Marshall or Witt Springs.  It is our effort to supply the needs, to the best of our ability, of those living within our reach.  The services we offer will be available on a first come first serve basis. So you will need to check with us to see if and when we are available to do your job. Call: 870-496-2474

Here are some of the areas we would like to offer:

Free Lance Photography:

Event Photography, school homecoming, family reunion, or other.

We do not normally do weddings, but are negotiable.  We expect to do lower key events for a much lesser price than a normal wedding.

We make online picture books and could even make the books with pictures you send, although we prefer to take at least some our own pictures if possible.

We can insert nature pictures and script as desired. Contact us to see some of the books that we have made.

Here are several pictures which demonstrate our photography:

HistorialHats1BakerCreek5-2 (4)




When our carpenters are free we offer kitchen cabinets, remodeling, cabin building and house painting.

Cabinet shots:

DanJD-Kay (7)IMG_2533
Sopandi2 (1)Rogers (29)
MelodyCab2 (9)IMG_5660

Yard work: 

Spring gardens, flower gardens, mowing and some landscaping.

Flowers93010 (3)CLFSetting1

House Cleaning:

Whether you need a fall or spring housecleaning, or weekly vacuuming and dusting we may be able to help you.


Raccoon Caps!! That is our specialty, but since we are not currently getting many orders we are branching out into provide other kinds of service.   Trampoline repair, and commercial sewing.  This page is on one the Crockett Coon Cap site, so don’t worry. Either email address will get us!

IMG_9659 Since we are a ministry and seeking to live carefully while we support missionaries, we are also interested in studying the Bible with anyone who is interested. We believe the Bible is the road map to Jesus Christ and to eternity. It’s our primary interest to see as many people end up on the right side, the side with Jesus Christ if possible!