This fabric is very thick and plush, almost like the Plushy coon. It comes lined or unlined.  The lining is not necessary, as the fabric is soft on the back side as well. It is a beautiful very soft light tan or black tipped coon fabric.  It’s always fun to try new things!  This hat is a popular addition to our hat collection. The color variety is a little different on each one, according to how they were cut. I think you will be pleased with this hat!

Check below for our New Blondie!  It’s a little different, but equally as beautiful!  



The lined has below shows the difference between the lined and unlined hat, although it is not this hat. I used the Acrtic Wolf hat as a sample here.


The New Blondie
A Blondie Variation
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 This Plushy Crockett  Coon Cap is made to simulate the real fur hat. However, only the tail is real. It is available in any size. The Plush fabric  is  expensive, but very thick and soft.

The gray color below is our new fabric for the Plushy Coon Cap.  The fur outlet changes their selections from time to time.  We have many other nice plushy varieties. We are discontinuing this hat when we run out of fabric so will sell them at $15 now, or $10 for wholesale!


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Here is a unique addition! We call it Cooney because it has the stripes not only on the tail but on the whole cap!  We just thought it would be a fun cap to try out!


Cooney Cap, hat

A fun cap for coonskin cap lovers.

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RealFurCoon11.jpg (3)

Here you have a Real Raccoon Skin Fur Cap! These are quite warm. This hat is the genuine Davy Crockett Hat! Each skin is different, so there will be a natural variety.   Since the S and XL hats are custom made I’m not posting them here.  They will be by appointment only. CoonHats10



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These coon face caps are one of my unique products and have been wonderful sellers through the years. However, the coon heads are getting harder to get. However, I did just find another batch! So we should be in good shape for a while.


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These Friendly Earth Caps are well suited for those who would rather not use any animal skins. The acrylic tails are made right here from our custom made fabric. We think they are quite nice for being made entirely from acrylic fabric.
There have been times when getting the brown tails was difficult, so we came up with our own tails which are not dependent on the coon population or the fashions of the day. Enjoy!

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The Gray Coon Tail Caps are our cheapest hats. The bluish gray dyed tails are left over from the Russian Women’s Coats. The tails will likely be similarly long as the brown tails, but will have more leather showing and vary in color. We wholesale a lot of these.

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The Brown Coon Tail Caps have been the best seller through the years.  We currently have a good source for the tails.  Tails vary in size, but are the best coontails we can get.  This is our favorite Davey Crockett Cap which has been the best seller for many years.

We are now introducing our new Brown Bear Coon Cap.  The fabric is a little lighter weight, and the color is a lighter brown–sold as Brown Bear color.  The price is the same.


Brown Bear Color


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