This hat is our new Plushy Coyote hat!  It  has a real coyote tail.

Our New Plushy Coyote Hat

The Plushy Coyote

I have 1 Plushy Coyote Real Fur hat left in a size large.  It’s 175.00 See below.

Write or call to purchase.  870-496-2474, or 870-496-2557, or 870-496-2829

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These real fur red fox hats are getting hard to come by.  Right now I have some very gorgeous ones in stock for $185 in size large or medium.  They are all extremely soft and warm. Call to order any sizes not listed.
“Wear the Fox Hat!”




We started making these hats with Finn Raccoon tails, as seen below, and called them Sandy Fox Hats! Now we make them with genuine Coyote tails which are not quite as thick, but a bit longer, as seen above. So the Sandy Fox Hats have evolved into Coyote Caps!
Call for wholesale.

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Many of the Red Fox tails do not have the white tip, as they are getting hard to find. However, the tails will still be full and beautiful. These are a great seller. If you want a very special large tail with a white tip you will need to call your order in. These sell for $30. “Wear the Fox Hat!” 870-496-2829

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