SandyFoxLZ7-13c.jpg This is our Coyote Hat, We started years ago calling it our Sandy Fox hat, but that was because the tails we used were not actually Fox or Coyote, but Finn Raccoon Tails, in other words, coon tail from Finland.

But after a season we were able to get the nicer, longer, real Coyote tails so that is what we use now.

These hats sell for $20, and come in any size. They sell for $10 wholesale. But you need to call us for wholesale orders. 870-496-2474






Now this hat is the Real Fur Coyote Hat! It is tick and warm and nicely lined. We have these with several options.

This hat sells for $150. Remember to select your size.

Write or Call for questions:






Here you you have the Real Fur Coyote Hat with two tails.

This one is $160  Please call to order: 870-496-2474








This hat has very warm ear muffs that can be worn up on the head like a tropper hat, or down around the ears and neck to keep you warm. It comes with or without a tail. That’s all up to you. Please call to order: 870-496-2474

The cost is $200.


Plushy Coyote Cap

If you like the coyote look you might want to check out this hat! It is our new Plushy Coyote Hat. It almost looks real but is made of plush synthetic fur, with a real coyote tail.

These sell for $45.




This is our Red Fox Hat with a real red fox tail, and is a  very good seller. These tails come in various colors, depending on availability. The faux fur hats are unlined but very comfortable. Not all tails have the white tip, but you can be sure to get one by paying a bit more.

The hats sell for $24 with shorter tails that are now the standard, or $30 for longer tails with a white tip, or $35 for giant tails with more white at the tip.


Red and Silver colored fox

Brand New Shimmering Fox

This is a brand new hat for us. It is what we call our Shimmering Fox Hat. It has a beautiful variety of synthetic furs woven into it showing a variety of fur length and color. that’s why we call it Shimmering.

The cost for this hat is $24.





The Real Skin Red Fox Fur  Hats are made of elegantly soft real skins. They also have a nice quilted lining. These are getting rare and sometimes we don’t have them. Call to make sure we have your size in stock.

These sell for $185, but are our nicest hat.




Spotted Wolf Cap

Spotted Wolf Hat

This is another brand new hat for us: The Spotted Wolf Hat. It is made of soft, thick synthetic fur with  a long Coyote Tail. It is deeper than the standard Coyote hat.

These sell for $24.






Check out our Historic Fox Hat collection! These are a few of our original hats with our daughter and some of our adopted grand children. It is part of our ministry to take in people that need a home and we are the happiest with children around.