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  • Smiley our Real Coonskin Face Hat – $175

    The authentic Davy Crockett coonskin hat was apparently made of real fur but did not have the eyes. So this hat does not have the little crystal eyes. It is apparently a real favorite as we sell a lot of them. My skins have recently almost doubled in cost! But it’s a nice hat that […]

    Order Smiley--Real Fur Hat No Eyes
  • Brown CoonTail Cap – $13

    The Brown Coon Tail Caps have been the best seller through the years. We currently have a good source for the tails. Tails very in size, but are the best coontails we can get. This is our favorite Davey Crockett Cap.

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  • Gray/Bluish Coon Tail Cap – $9

    The Gray Coon Tail Caps are our cheapest hats. The bluish gray dyed tails are left over from the Russian Women’s Coats. The tails will likely be similarly long as the brown tails, but will have more leather showing and vary in color. We wholesale a lot of these.

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  • Friendly Earth Cap–Beautiful Fake Tail – $12

    These Friendly Earth Caps are well suited for those who would rather not use any animal skins. The acrylic tails are made right here from our custom made fabric. We think they are quite nice for being made entirely from acrylic fabric. There have been times when getting the brown tails was difficult, so we […]

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  • Red Fox Cap – $24

    Many of the Red Fox tails do not have the white tip, as they are getting hard to find. However, the tails will still be full and beautiful. These are a great seller. If you want a very special large tail with a white tip you will need to call your order in. These sell […]

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  • Coyote Caps – $20

    We started making these hats with Finn Raccoon tails, as seen below, and called them Sandy Fox Hats! Now we make them with genuine Coyote tails which are not quite as thick, but a bit longer, as seen above. So the Sandy Fox Hats have evolved into Coyote Caps! Call for wholesale.

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  • Synthetic Skunk Cap – $24

    Our Skunk Caps are made entirely of acrylic fur from the pattern we designed right here. We call this hat our Cartoon Skunk Hat as it has such a nice big tail, which is not realistic, but it’s fun. We sell a lot of them. Some of them are even “gag” gifts! We’ll promise you […]

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  • Real Fur Skunk Cap – $150

    The Real Fur Skunk hats vary in color markings. Some have more white on them than others. The skunk fur is soft and scentless. The tails are all small compared to the coon or fox hats.  

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  • Pig Tail Coon Cap – $17

    This hat is our Brown Pig Tail Coonskin Cap and is available in any size, just as the rest, since we make most of our hats here in the Ozarks. The tails flowing down both sides give this hat a unique feel. Sometimes girls like to wear them for the feel of two braids.

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  • Coon Face Cap – $25

    These coon face caps are one of my unique products and have been wonderful sellers through the years. However, the coon heads are getting harder to get. However, I did just find another batch! So we should be in good shape for a while.

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  • Real Raccoon Fur Hat / Davy Crockett Style – $170

    Here you have a Real Raccoon Skin Fur Cap! These are quite warm. However, if you want your ears and neck warm too we have the ear muff hats. This hat is the genuine Davy Crockett Hat!   The brown or natural raccoon skins have almost doubled in price recently, and are getting harder to […]

    Order Real Raccoon Fur Hat No Face
  • Smiling Ringtail Real Fur Hat With Eyes – $177

                    The Smiling Ringtail has been a favorite for many through the years. We have sold lots of them, especially in the winter time. This cheerful hat comes in different shades but all the skins are genuine raccoon in their natural color.  This hat is the same as […]

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  • Real Red Fox Fur Hat – $185

    These real fur red fox hats are getting hard to come by.  Right now I have some very gorgeous ones in stock for $185 in size large or medium.  They are all extremely soft and warm. Call to order any sizes not listed. “Wear the Fox Hat!”    

    Order Real Fur Red Fox Hat
  • Real Fur Coyote Hat – $150

    The Coyote Hats are made of thick, heavy coyote skins. They are very warm. Colors vary from light to dark. We have them in stock.

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  • Real Fur Coon Cap with Ear Flaps – $250

          This hat is made of genuine raccoon skin. The ear flaps make it a very warm hat!  The flaps can be worn up or down. Call if you have questions.  Since this is a custom hat you need to allow a couple days to have it made.  If you don’t see your size […]

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  • Coyote Hat with Ear Flaps – $225

    The Mountain Man Coyote Hats with the ear muffs are probably our warmest hat. These are custom made hats so may take a few days to get made. We have the skins on hand, so you can order them here or by phone. This hat does not have a tail. Otherwise, it is the same […]

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  • Custom Crockett Hat deep and lined. $20FET lined

    Here you have a Crockett Coonskin cap with a fake tail.  It’s 1 inch deeper that most coon caps and it has a cloth lining. See inside below:

    Order Fake Fur Coon Cap deep and lined
  • New Cooney Cap! $20

    Here is a unique addition! We call it Cooney because it has the stripes not only on the tail but on the whole cap!  We just thought it would be a fun cap to try out!

    Order All stripes coonskin cap
  • Plushy Coon Cap — $24 Unlined $50 LinedPlushy Coon Cap

          Plushy Coon Cap–Lined or Unlined.  This Plushy Crockett  Coon Cap is made to simulate the real fur hat. However, only the tail is real. It is available in any size. The Plush fabric  is  expensive, but very thick and soft.  It comes lined or unlined. The lining is a nice quilted fabric, so […]

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  • Spotted Wolf Hat — $24Spotted Wolf Cap

    This hat is what we call our spotted wolf hat. It  has a real coyote tail. This hat is discontinued, so when the ones I have posted here are sold it will be removed. It’s not that it’s not a nice hat, but that I have so many other selections which are even more popular. […]

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  • Real Coonskin Fur Hat – Ear Flaps – 3 tails – $260

    This 3 tailed ear muff hat is made of genuine raccoon skin.  It is lined and the ear flaps make it very warm! Having three tails in the back not only gives it a unique look but helps to keep your neck warm.  Since this is a custom hat you need to allow up to […]

    Order Ear Muff Real Fur 3 Tail Coon Cap
  • Coyote Skin Fur with Ear Muffs and Tail $225

    The Mountain Man Coyote Hat with the ear muffs is probably our warmest hat. You can find one without a tail on this site as well. Take your pick. The Ear Muffs can be worn up or down. These are custom made hats so may take a few days to get made. We have the […]

    Order Coyote Real Fur hat with Ear Muffs and Tail
  • Crockett Coonskin Cap with Ear Muffs $25

    Here is our most popular hat with nice warm muffs for winter use. When you do not need the muffs they can be tied or buckled up over the head.  These are available in any size, with or without the coonskin face.

    Order Brown Tail Cap with Ear Muffs
  • Cheetah Coontail Cap $20Cheetah Hat

    Another new arrival is our Cheetah fabric from which we are making hats–both the Cheetah Beanie hat and the Cheetah Coontail cap. The colors go beautifully together and we are happy to have some lovely variety to offer our customers!

    Order Cheetah Coon Tail Cap
  • Blondy Coontail Cap $24 or $50 lined

    This fabric is very thick and plush, almost like the Plushy coon. It comes lined or unlined.  The lining is not necessary, as the fabric is soft on the back side as well. It is a beautiful very soft light tan or black tipped coon fabric.  It’s always fun to try new things!  This hat […]

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  • Arctic Wolf Hat $24 Unlined $50 Lined

    Here we have our new Arctic Wolf Hat. It is very soft and warm. It comes lined or unlined. The fabric is synthetic, made to simulate real fur, but the tail is real. Tail shades vary from redish brown to gray and black. The black one below is lined. The white one is not. Take […]

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