tailcap This is our Brown Coon Tail Cap, our best seller overall.  However, currently we cannot get the fabric to make these.  The mill cannot get the fiber from Mexico, so hopefully you will choose another hat.
We have made more of these, just plain tail caps, over the years, than any other cap. The first production of this cap started April 15th, 1989. It is made using a variety of various species of raccoon tails sewn onto a coon heather acrylic fur cap. The brown tails are pretty, naturally colored, and usually 10-12 inches long. They cost more than the gray tails, but are worth the difference, in our opinion. These hats sell for $14 retail, or get a discount when ordering 12 hats or more.         Call us for wholesale order. 870-496-2829
tailcapGs The Gray Coon Tail Caps are the same top as the Brown Tail above, but have a cheaper Gray tail. Some of the tails are even bluish or purplish gray, as they are the dyed left overs from the furs used to make Russian woman’s coats. the tails are usually 8-11 inches long.  They sell for $12 retail or get a discount when ordering 12 hats or more.                                                Call us for wholesale orders. 870-496-2829

Cooney Cap, hat

A fun cap for coonskin cap lovers.

Our New Cooney Cap came as a result of being short on fur last summer when the Mill could not get the fiber they needed to make our synthetic fur. We had this beautiful tail fur on hand, so made up a bunch of hats out of it and were amazed at how well they sell. They really are kind of cute! So, now, the Cooney Cap is part of our regular varieties.  This hat sells for $20.
coonface3 We have made many coon face caps over the years. Children tend to love the darling little face.The first production of this cap was July 7th, 1994. These have been hard to get from time to time. We currently have them in stock. They sell for $28. Remember to choose the size you need. Small 22″; Medium 23″; Large 24″; XL 25″.

Coon Face Caps S, M, L, XL $28

CoonFauxTail Check out our Friendly Earth Tail Coon Cap. Since some folks would rather not use any animal products we have made a special hat just for you.This hat has no animal products, but is all synthetic. It, like our other hats is make right here in our shop, in the Ozarks of Arkansas. The tail is made from stripped fabric, we have custom made for us. It is sewn together then turned.

These make a nice variety for $13, or get a discount when ordering 12 hats or more.                                                             Call us for wholesale order.  870-496-2829

roy2coon Another Coonskin Cap variety we make are the Pig Tail Caps.
You can order several options, choosing the two brown tails for $18, or the two gray tails for $12, or the brown tails with a face for $28.
This is our new Blondy Coon Cap. It is much heavier fabric and a deeper hat. It sells for $28.
RealFurCoon11.jpg (3) And here is our Real Fur Coonskin Cap. These furs are getting harder to come by and have been replaced by gray fur hats. The the natural brown real fur hats are $170.  The natural skins are hard to get and have almost doubled in cost recently.

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