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Welcome to our new site! Have a look around and let us know what you think! Don’t forget to check our store!

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Cooney Cap, hat

Cooney Cap – $21

Try out new exotic coon striped cap! Very plush!

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Brown Tail Cap – $15

The Brown Tail Caps have been the best seller through the years. This is our favorite Davy Crockett Cap.

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Gray Tail Cap – $13

The Gray Tail Caps are our cheapest hats. The bluish gray dyed tails are left over from the Russian Women’s Coats. We wholesale a lot of these.

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crockett cap

Welcome to Crockett Coon Caps!

About Crockett Coonskin Caps

For more than two decades, Sylvia Mason has created high-quality coonskin caps for customers all over the world. Crockett Coonskin Caps offers many styles and colors of caps at great prices sure to offer an affordable option for anyone looking for a classic look. Whether you want a red fox cap or a skunk cap, Crockett Coonskin Caps has the fur hats you need to get a beautiful and stylish hat at a great price. You can also contact Crockett Coonskin Caps by phone or email, or fill out our online contact form today and get your coonskin cap questions answered by the custom cap experts today.

At the current time, Sylvia is dealing with some health issues and for now her manager, Sylvia D, will be helping to keep up with this ministry.


The hat arrived and is just super cute! Grandpa aka "Elder Coon" loves it and can't wait to wear it to the next men's neighborhood get together. I have a feeling you may be getting more orders... Thanks so much... You do a really nice job and we love the fun / history of your product.. DS

The hat is just like the one I had when I was a kid. I got it very fast and I'm very pleased with it. DK

I really appreciate the hat, let me know if you ever need a great reference, I did the best I could in feedback with the space they (at Ebay) allow. Thanks again, Alf

Very honest seller with speedy service! I'd buy from this seller again. (Ebay Nov 12, 2013)

Absolute best costumer service on eBay. Would recommend highly! Thank you!! (Ebay Oct 24, 2013)

Great communication and shipping time. Thanks for a great transaction!!! (Ebay Oct 13, 2013)

1296 Positives on Ebay as CountryProducts77 from 1998 to 2013

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  • Red Fox Cap – $25

    Many of the Red Fox tails do not have the white tip, as they are getting hard to find. However, the tails will still be full and beautiful. These are a great seller. If you want a very special large tail with a white tip…

  • Coyote Caps – $25

    We started making these hats with Finn Raccoon tails, as seen below, and called them Sandy Fox Hats! Now we make them with genuine Coyote tails which are not quite as thick, but a bit longer, as seen above. So the Sandy Fox Hats have…

  • Synthetic Skunk Cap – $25

    Our Skunk Caps are made entirely of acrylic fur from the pattern we designed right here. We call this hat our Cartoon Skunk Hat as it has such a nice big tail, which is not realistic, but it’s fun. We sell a lot of them….

  • Blondy Coontail Cap $25

    This fabric is very thick and plush, almost like the Plushy coon. It comes lined or unlined.  The lining is not necessary, as the fabric is soft on the back side as well. It is a beautiful very soft light tan or black tipped coon…

  • Grinnell Lake Glacier National Park

    I’ve been taking nature pictures for many years and now have quite a collection of what I feel are very beautiful to spectacular nature pictures. These are from Arkansas, and all around the country. Some favorites are from Glacier National Park, Mt. Rainier, Yellowstone and…

We have added a new category to this page called Sylvia's Photos. The link is at the top and bottom of the page. We have a large collection of what we think are pretty spectacular nature pictures and even some wild life. Check out some samples up now on the Sylvia's Photos page. Call me (870-496-2474) or email my personal email, below, with questions about my pictures.